Corus Ahlorsath

I'm a fish man, y'all!


Triton Rogue 5

HP 33
AC 14
XP 8267

Score Mod Save
Str 13 +1 +1
Dex 15 +2 +5
Con 12 +1 +1
Int 9 -1 +2
Wis 11 0 0
Cha 15 +2 +2

Corus is a Triton nobleman, the youngest son of the ruler of a large underwater trading city off the Sword Coast near Waterdeep.

He has been sent into the world of the land-dwellers by his father to learn their ways, in the hope that this will make him better-suited for public service. Not wanting to venture too far out of his confort zone, Corus sought out a woman who once knew her father and joined her on the crew of a pirate ship.

Corus Ahlorsath

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