Plunder and Blunder

Meeting the Locals
Day 7 to 8

The crew docks on beach on a forgotten island, Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard has to stay on the ship as it is his gods holy day. There is debris from previously failed voyages to this island scatter across the beach. There are many bones of sailors and pirates covered in teeth marks. One skeleton has a massive pirate hat which Corus Ahlorsath] and Ace Featherstone both race to get it first. Corus Ahlorsath takes the hat as he is first in command in the absence of Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard. The hat exchanges heads and gets placed on a tree by Ace Featherstone but is eventually taken back by Corus Ahlorsath using his honed slight of hand skills.

The crew see smoke rises west part of the island and decide to invest it. To avoid the possible dangers and difficult terrain of the forest, they choose to walk along the coastline of the island. Suddenly a Giant boar and min boar rush out the bushes in a panicked state towards the crew. Corus Ahlorsath runs towards the sea, Ace Featherstone flies out the way. Shortly after two Allosaurus come charging out. Mayrog plays dead as the Allosaurus come closer and gets dinosaur drool over her. Corus Ahlorsath starts yelling and drawing attention to himself. The crew make short work of the Allosaurus, especially Ace Featherstone the tenderizer of dinosaurs punched the both them to death on the same one turn (double kill!).

As they continue their journey they spot giant scorpion and a mini scorpion. On this island it appears that living creatures have mini duplicates of themselves but it drains their life force (plot point). The crew now all have miniature version of themselves. When they get to the smoke they realize it's a campsite home to group of Gnolls. There is a fire pit in the center where they are sacrificing animals and throwing in barrels full of laughter (plot point) to appease their demon god. Ace Featherstone snuck around the campsite to take an inventory of available goods for stealing. He finds a treasure chest in the room of the Gnolls Clan Leader who is currently asleep. Corus Ahlorsath convinces the Gnolls that he is carrying out an inspection of the campsite. Both Ace Featherstone andCorus Ahlorsath work together speaking in primordial to open the chest which contains the Mace of Terror (pg 180 DMG). Corus Ahlorsath decides to hide the mace in his large pirate hat. As he exits the Gnolls notice he stored the mace and start to attack. Corus Ahlorsath uses the mace and scares off a majority of the Gnoll. One that brave manages to knock downCorus Ahlorsathand take back the Mace. But Ace Featherstone uses his fists of furry knocking down the gnoll, he then grabs the mace in midair. The rest of the crew run away into the forest before the Gnolls regroup. As they run they here the Gnoll clan leader shrieking in rage over the loss of his mace.

Corus Ahlorsath
Ace Featherstone

Total XP: 3010
XP per PC: 1004

Cheesy lines of the session:

"Nature has a new pecking order" Ace Featherstone punching Allosaurus.



"Should not have rustled my feathers" Ace Featherstone punching Allosaurus.



"Didn't see that coming" Mayrog throwing dagger at Allosaurus.



"Heres to good stealth" Corus Ahlorsath sneaking in Gnoll campsite.



"Guess who having the last laugh now"  I think Corus Ahlorsath or Mayrog?

It Begins
Day 1 to 7

The adventure begins in the Sea near the Swords Coast. The crew spies a ship in horizon with creature’s on board merrily dancing and singing.  The crew of Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard decides to approach the ship and begin to realise it belongs to the villainous pirate Didrik Pining and his crew of hobgoblins. The ships engage in battle with one another. 

During this encounter with the adventurers Didrik Pining crew was decimated. Six hobgoblins died by the following: punched to death by Ace Featherstone, head cleaved off and rapier by Corus Ahlorsath, another stab and his face sat on by Mayrog. The injured Didrik Pining retreated below deck. Meanwhile Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard had climbed to the crows perch and masterfully mounted and controlled a worg as it broke free from it cage. 

In a last ditch effort to survive or take everyone with him, Didrik Pining went to part of the ship filled with gunpowder and he lit a torch as Corus Ahlorsath followed him. Corus Ahlorsath misthrew his dagger at Didrik Pining forcing his hand and he lit the barrels. Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard crew quickly jump over back to thier ship and watch fireworks of Didrik Pining exploding ship. Didrik Pining most likely died in the blast. 

The crew follows the treasure map they found in Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard beard. As they approach the island they see the vast amount of wrecked ships and hear a faint humming in the background. They are all captivated by the beautiful song of the Sirens causing them to crash into the rocks. The battle against the Sirens is halted after one of these creature recognises Corus Ahlorsath and remembers he had help her in the past. To return the favour they allow the crew to continue their voyage. One crew member (Freddy) takes Mayrog and proceeds jumps into the sea. The crew spends the next 3 days repairing the ship.       

Corus Ahlorsath
Ace Featherstone
Father Captain Bingo Goodbeard

Total XP: 3050
XP per PC: 763

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