Didrik Pining

Hobgoblin Pirate Capitan


Hobgoblin pirate Captain of the Devil’s Bane. This ship has wooden daemon head on the front used for ramming. They plunder any ship that has the misfortune of crossing their path. Rumour has it the Captain let a ship full of slaves burn to death as he couldn’t be bother with the fuss of unshackling them.

During his encounter with the adventurers his crew was decimated. This spiteful creature went below deck in last ditch effort to survive or take everyone with him. Below deck the room is filled with gunpowder and he lit a torch as Corus Ahlorsath followed him. Corus Ahlorsath misthrew his dagger at Didrik Pining forcing his hand and he lit the barrels. He most likely died In the explosion.


Didrik Pining

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